We provide transport, logistics services: manufacturing, agricultural and retail companies from 27 countries.

We provide additional services related to the responsibility for the box-by-box acceptance and delivery of goods.


Road freight transport

We provide transport of standard, temperature-adjustable loads by road.

Air freight

We provide airfreight transport mainly to narrow destinations.

Sea freight

We organise transport of export cargoes by sea to Great Britain, the USA and the Middle East via European ports. and the Middle East via European ports.

Shipping to Russia, England and EU countries

Working with ports

Transporting large goods

Consolidation of loads in Europe

Overloading in Lithuania

A team of specialists working in the field of cargo transportation in the USA, CIS, and Europe has formed DH LINE LLC to optimize the logistics of export and import of Uzbekistan.
We established teams in Vilnius and Moscow to control the consolidation of goods from Western and Central Europe, Western Russia to Uzbekistan, and vice versa.

Davronbek Djamaldinov

General Manager


We worked on

Germany - Uzbekistan

Organized reloading
in Lithuania

Transshipment of cargo in Lithuania contributes to reducing the price of transportation of goods coming from Spain,Italy, France and Germany.

Work done in 2020

Uzbekistan - Poland

Loaded fabrics to the city of Lodz from the Tashkent region.

Turkey - Uzbekistan

Collected LTL

Consolidations of less truck loads significantly reduces shipping costs of each LTL.

Uzbekistan - United Kingdoms

Export of dried fruits.

Export of dried fruits from Uzbekistan to Great Britain through the port of Klaipeda, reloading from a truck to a container was carried out at a warehouse in the city of Vilnius.

Working with us

Optimal options for shipping to the UK and Europe

The best highly specialised consolidation specialists from Russia and Europe


About Us

DH LINE LLC is a logistic company which provides services of transportations,warehousing,freight shipping for big and medium sized companies. We make an contribution of customers business around the Uzbekistan and Europe to grow their business with logistic solutions. Founded in 2020 and main office located in Tashkent.

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